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When Do You Need a Debt Collection Defense Attorney?

Do I Need a Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Portland?

When do you need a debt collection defense attorney? If you have debt collectors on your trail, you need a debt defense lawyer to stand up for your rights. The process can get litigious, and some debt collectors can resort to harassment.

Due to the ongoing increase in the money that debt collectors need to collect, they resort to aggressive strategies in communicating the urgency of paying off debts. During this stressful time, you should be prepared to ask for help. You could ignore the calls, but it will only make matters worse. Creditors can take you on debt collection depositions or get complete rights to claim your assets.

Our debt collection defense attorney in Portland will help you understand the steps you can take to protect yourself and your assets. At Northwest Debt Defense Law, we’re prepared to support you throughout the legal procedures. We will fight for your safety and opportunities to manage your debt. 

Our firm offers a free debt solution consultation, so work with us to find out how to deal legally with your obligations. 

How Will You Know If You Have a Debt Defense for Your Case?

Depending on your situation, you could have a valid defense against your creditors. Even though you cannot pay a debt, a credible defense can help you negotiate your case. Here are common debt collection defenses you may consider:

Were You a Victim of Identity Theft?

If your identity was stolen, you could ensure that you are not liable for any debts incurred by proving identity theft. You should provide substantial facts that indicate your innocence in the case and that you were not the person responsible for the debt being collected. Gather enough evidence and work with our debt defense lawyer to better understand the technicalities.

Were You Under the Legal Age?

Being underaged when you signed the agreement with your creditor will play in your favor, as minors cannot be liable for any debt. In the state of Oregon, anyone who is under 18 is considered to be a minor. If this is your case, you have a strong legal argument.  

Was Your Creditor Late in Filing the Case?

In Oregon, your creditor only has six years to file a debt-related lawsuit if they intend to collect on your debt. The statute of limitations is relevant to the following kinds of debt:

  • Medical debt
  • Credit card debt
  • Auto loan debt
  • Mortgage debt

Is Your Creditor Unreasonable With Their Terms?

Some creditors take advantage of the situation by asking you to pay more than what you owe them. They might also ask you to pay more than what was agreed upon in the past. Creditors might also pressure you to cover exorbitant fees that were not previously discussed. You should consult our debt collection attorney to determine the best course of action in these cases.

Do You Have a Formal Agreement?

Even though oral and written agreements are enforceable, your creditor will need a judgment to make you pay. They will need to take you to court to get a judgment and provide enough evidence of your agreement. If you are summoned to court, you can plead your case with the help of our experienced lawyer.

Is Your Debt Collector Blackmailing or Harassing You?

According to the Federal State Commission, debt collectors are not allowed to mistreat you, harass you, or lie to you. If you are being blackmailed or harassed, you have the right to sue the debt collectors involved. Make sure to consult with our lawyer to identify the conditions violated by debt collectors correctly.

When Do You Need a Debt Collection Defense Attorney?

If you are being sued by a debt collector, you may want to consider hiring a debt collection defense attorney. Debt collection defense attorneys help individuals who are facing lawsuits from debt collectors or creditors. Here are some situations when you may need a debt collection defense attorney:

You have been sued by a debt collector

If you have been served with a lawsuit from a debt collector, you should consult with a debt collection defense attorney. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options and represent you in court.

You are being harassed by debt collectors

If debt collectors are calling you repeatedly, using abusive language, or making threats, you may need a debt collection defense attorney to help you stop the harassment.

You are being sued for a debt that is not yours

If you are being sued for a debt that you do not owe, you should contact a debt collection defense attorney to help you dispute the debt and clear your name.

You are facing wage garnishment

If a creditor is seeking to garnish your wages to collect a debt, a debt collection defense attorney can help you understand your options and potentially stop the garnishment.

You are facing a foreclosure or repossession

If you are at risk of losing your home or vehicle due to debt, a debt collection defense attorney can help you understand your options and potentially negotiate a repayment plan or settlement with the creditor.

What Happens if You Do Not Get a Debt Defense Lawyer?

Without a debt defense attorney, you will feel overwhelmed by many debt collectors’ legalities and aggressive methods. On the other hand, when you work with a qualified debt collection defense lawyer at Northwest Debt Defense Law, we can help you navigate each challenge and give you a better chance at a desirable outcome. 

You could also be taken advantage of by your creditors if you do not have a debt defense lawyer. When you do not have legal representation, you might not even know if your creditors are using fair credit and commerce practices. 

Working with our legal professional can equip your case with comprehensive knowledge from our experienced lawyer. We can negotiate payment plans on your behalf and defend you from lawsuits or other forms of litigation. Lenders and credit card institutions tend to bring the case to court, so you need a debt defense attorney to fight for you.

Protect Yourself With Our Portland Debt Defense Attorney

When you need help from a debt collection defense lawyer in Portland, look no further than Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm. We are ready to fight for you and keep aggressive debt collection agencies from harassing or intimidating you. Our experienced lawyers are prepared to help you navigate the legalities of your debt defense and learn more about your rights. 

Our law firm also provides legal services for Credit Card Debts, Personal Loan Debts, Student Loan Debts, and more. Contact us today for a free debt solution consultation!

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