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Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. Debt  Collectors in Oregon and Washington 

Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. Debt  Collectors

Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. Debt  Collectors

Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. is a high-volume debt collections law firm based in Eugene, Oregon. The firm solely represents creditors and operates throughout Oregon and Washington. If you’ve been sued by Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C., you may be nervous about the process and probably do not currently have the bandwidth to deal with the lawsuit. Most of our clients want to know how to settle their debt and put the matter behind them so they can get back to the business of living.

This is where Northwest Debt Defense comes in. We have helped countless debtors in Washington and Oregon save significant sums of money by negotiating debt settlement payoffs for a fraction of what they originally owed. We’re ready to get started on your matter now.

About Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C.

Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. represents large creditors, like credit card issuers, banks, medical providers, and credit unions.  The firm is generally very well prepared in terms of being able to quickly provide a paper trail providing the existence of a debt. The firm is generally pretty stringent in negotiations insisting on documentation of income before evaluating settlement proposals.

The Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. Lawsuit

If you’ve been sued by Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C., this is what you need to know.

Debt lawsuits start with a complaint and summons. The complaint will contain allegations concerning your alleged debt. The complaint will state your identity as well as the balance to date. The summons contains the requirement for you to answer the lawsuit. Debtors typically have somewhere between 14 and 30 days, depending on the court,  to file a response to the lawsuit.

Ignoring a lawsuit could result in a wage garnishment being issued, where twenty-five percent of your wages are taken from your pay until the debt is paid off, or in bank levy, where the contents of your bank account are emptied without notice.  Under certain circumstances, the creditor may also place a lien on any real estate you own.

After Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. Serves You

Read the Complaint and look for any inaccuracies. Maybe you are not the individual identified in the complaint. You also need to check the amount of money for which you are being sued. Maybe the debt is legitimate but barred by either the Oregon or Washington Statute of Limitations. Check for any and all mistakes and take note of them.  If you find an inaccuracy, you should call a debt relief law firm like Northwest Debt Defense.

Again, you have limited time to respond to the lawsuit. Failing to respond properly and timely could enable Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. to simply file for a default judgment against you for the full amount.  A default judgment is the price of not taking the lawsuit seriously.

What Does Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. Do With The Judgment?

Whether by default or prevailing at trial, a judgment entitles Suttell Hammer to take additional action to get money from you. For example, the law firm may be able to repeatedly empty your bank account,  garnish your wages, or, under certain circumstances, place a lien on your home.  There are numerous options available to Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. to satisfy the judgment against you. The firm has every incentive to do so.

What’s more, you can expect to continue racking up interest on the debt after the judgment is entered. The original amount you owed could be supplemented by attorney’s fees, interest, and court costs. Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. will continue pursuing you and using whatever tools it has to get the money it wants.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You have your own options, and that includes debt settlement.

How Debt Settlement Can Resolve Your Lawsuit

Even if you’ve already had a judgment entered against you, debt settlement is still an option. Obviously, debt settlement is much more effective if you take action sooner rather than later. Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C. is not going to be nearly as amenable to settlement once they have a garnishment in place. Reach out to a debt settlement attorney.

A debt settlement lawyer will negotiate with Gordon, Aylworth and Tami, P.C.r. One possible approach is to make a lump-sum payment for less than what you owe. The larger the lump sum offer, the more negotiating power you have. If you can only afford monthly payments, chances are, the debt can still likely be settled for a discounted amount. Northwest Debt Defense is here to help.

Call Northwest Debt Defense Today To Get Started

Debt is stressful, and a lawsuit makes it a million times worse. That’s why debt settlement is such a powerful tool. When you retain Northwest Debt Defense, we immediately get to work for you. Our debt defense attorneys will review the lawsuit against you, check for any inaccuracies, and assert your rights under state and federal law.

One nice aspect of debt settlement is that the fees are entirely predictable. We only charge flat fees for cases settled prior to trial. Most of our Oregon and Washington clients are looking for exactly that: Speedy resolution is designed to make a  lawsuit a distant memory.

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