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Debt Defense Attorneys in Medford OR

Have you been sued over a credit card debt, personal loan, medical debt, or business loan in Oregon? Our Medford OR debt defense attorneys help people with debt problems defend their rights as a debtor, both in and out of the court.

Schedule your free debt analysis with our Medford debt defense attorneys to stop collection lawsuits in Oregon today! Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm maintains offices in Medford, Salem, and Portland.

Directions to Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm – Medford OR Office

General directions to our Medford OR office cna be found by clicking the button. Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm is located on NE Alberta between 22nd Avenue and 23rd Avenue. Our office is on the second floor above Townsend’s tea shop. If you have any difficulty finding us, don’t hesitate to contact the Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm – Medford Office at (541) 234-8379 for directions.

We Offer Real & Flexible Payment Plans

Don’t fall for an “installment plan” where they let you pay installment, but don’t file your case until it is completely paid off! At Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm, we offer real payment plans. Our attorney fee obligation is setup so that you pay only your pre-file fees prior to filing, and everything else after your case is filed. Get legal assistance and representation in facing a Medford debt lawsuit immediately, instead of waiting needlessly for months on end!

Defense from Debt Collection Agencies in Medford

Personal Loans

Business Loans

Medical Debt

Credit Card Debt

Debt Defense Lawyers in Medford Oregon

Debt collection agencies in Oregon often bully debtors into immediately settling their debts, so only very few get to fight back with help from debt defense attorneys. At Northwest Debt Defense, our debt collection defense team in Salem, Medford, and Portland Oregon can help you catch the opposition off-guard and get the peace you are looking for.

Take charge of your debt collection lawsuit today. As soon as you receive your lawsuit notification, contact our Medford debt defense attorneys in Oregon by calling 866-388-5106.

Have you been sued for these types of debts by any of the following debt collection agencies, corporations, or law firms?

Mandarich Law

Bleier & Cox

Moore Law Group

Michael & Associates

Harris & Zide

Nelson & Kennard

Suttel & Hammer

Patenaude & Felix

Zwicker & Farmar Law Group

or other corporations or creditors

Our Medford OR debt defense attorney can defend you!

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NW Debt Defense Law Firm is a Debt Relief Agency. Where appropriate we file petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code solely for consumers in the District of Oregon. We represent both Oregon and Washington consumers in collections law suits in Oregon and Washington state courts.


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