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Are you having trouble repaying your student loans, or are you being sued by lenders or collectors? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Most bachelor’s degree graduates use the government Stafford Loan program or private lenders to finish their education. Because the cost of tuition has risen considerably in recent decades, graduates today confront an unprecedented financial burden, and many people face student loan lawsuits.

Our Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm staff is here to tell you that student loan debt relief is attainable. With the help of our knowledgeable student loan debt defense attorney, you will have the best possible opportunity of getting out from under your burdensome student debts. Our professional Washington debt collection lawsuit attorneys will defend your rights as a debtor, both in and out of court.

What is Student Loan Debt Law?

Many post-secondary students spent more money on books and other ancillary fees than on school tuition a generation ago, but those days are long gone. Today, former post-secondary students owe more than $1 trillion in school loans due to increasing tuition costs and financial institutions that are all too happy to issue credit. That is a substantial sum of money in any case.

It is especially true because many borrowers are just starting out in their jobs and, as a result, have restricted earning potential. Former students aren’t the only ones who are suffering. Many borrowers defer home purchases and other significant expenditures due to hefty debt servicing obligations. As a consequence, if you’re drowning in student debt, you’ll need a Portland student loan debt attorney now more than ever.

It is a viable option because a skilled student loan debt defense attorney can work with the lender to minimize the amount owed. Alternatively, he can negotiate a more advantageous repayment plan and be a strong advocate in court.

In most of these situations, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the only route to get out of debt. However, student loan issues are a bit different, and it requires an experienced student loan debt defense attorney to assess your situation and help you find a path out of debt.

What Can I Do to Lower My Student Loan Payment?

To answer this question, you must first determine the type of loan you have. Many individuals are unaware that there are two types of student loans available: federal and private. Because there are repayment plans and other initiatives to aid with monthly payments, federal student loans have an edge in decreasing monthly costs.

Individuals can use the federal government’s income-driven repayment schemes to base their monthly payments on their income. Another advantage of these federal income-driven repayment programs is the possibility of having the remaining balance on your loan discharged after the requisite years have been completed. Our student loan debt defense attorney assists customers in determining which repayment plan is best for them, allowing them to make fair and manageable monthly payments while working toward a discharge.

There are few choices for repayment plans for private student loans; however, specific private lenders may be prepared to negotiate with you to reduce your payments for a time. We can also help you decide whether refinancing or consolidating your student loans is the best option for you and whether moving your debt from federal to private is the best option. Our student loan debt defense attorney can also help you with these options.

Can I Discharge My Student Loan?

There are several misconceptions about the dischargeability of student debts, particularly in bankruptcy. Student debt may be discharged in various ways, and there are several programs available to assist with student debt. The issue is that there is a lack of information available to student loan borrowers, and there are few specialists who are familiar with the many alternatives available.

Our student loan debt defense attorney assists clients with student debt to determine the best alternative for discharge or reducing their debt. We may be allowed to employ “administrative discharge” on occasion. We also use bankruptcy as an option. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Avoid a default judgment and stop collection efforts by taking a step forward today!

What is the Administrative Discharge of Student Loan?

You may not even need to file for bankruptcy to have your student loans discharged. Our student loan debt defense lawyer may be able to have the loans discharged administratively in some cases. It implies that we’ll be repaying the loans through a Department of Education program. As a result, federal loans are usually the only ones with these possibilities. Administrative discharge options include:

Loan Forgiveness Programs

These programs might be a terrific choice for qualified students with student debt. The issue is that you aren’t automatically enrolled in them, and some aren’t even deemed programs, so there’s no way to sign up for them. As a result, our student loan debt defense attorney can guarantee that you comply with each program’s standards and assist you in avoiding any potential blunders.

Administrative Discharge Programs

Many people saddled with college debt are unaware of several administrative procedures. Some of these discharge conditions are simpler to satisfy than others, but it’s critical to include all of the essential processes and information in your application.

Total and Permanent Disability Discharge (TPD)

It’s a form of administrative discharge provision that lets you get rid of your school debt if you can’t work because of a handicap. To be eligible for this discharge, you must demonstrate total and permanent impairment, not only that you were injured and are unable to work in the short term.

Can I Discharge My Student Loans in Bankruptcy?

According to a frequent misconception, student loan debts cannot be cancelled in bankruptcy. This is entirely untrue. In bankruptcy, both government and private student loans can be dismissed. Our student loan debt defense attorney has the skills and knowledge to construct arguments that best match your case, despite how challenging it may be. There are many reasons for a bankruptcy discharge:

Undue Hardship

The threshold for discharge of student loans through bankruptcy is that the debt will cause you and your dependents undue hardship as determined by The Brunner’s Test.

Non-Qualified Educational Loan

According to the Bankruptcy Code, private student loans must be “educational loans,” which are distinct from other forms of consumer indebtedness and must be used primarily for higher education expenditures.

Eligible Student

A private student loan borrower must also be an eligible student to qualify for a qualifying educational loan during the loan period. Being a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen and enrolling in a suitable degree are characteristics of an eligible student.

Eligible Institution

A private student loan borrower’s college or university of choice must be a qualified school. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for colleges that aren’t recognized.

Student debt is an issue for millions of people, and many do not feel there are ways to get out of it. Our student loan debt defense attorney is well-versed in all of the available discharge alternatives, allowing us to find the best approach for getting rid of your student debt.

How Can a Student Loan Debt Defense Attorney Help You? 

Understanding how a student loan debt defense attorney may assist you before choosing one is critical. Although not everyone needs legal assistance, it might be a worthwhile investment under the appropriate circumstances. A student loan debt defense attorney can help you in the following ways:

  • They can provide you with legal assistance and point you in the correct direction regarding your rights and alternatives.
  • They can represent your interests in discussions or negotiations with a student loan holder, student loan servicer, debt collection agency, or administrative body.
  • A student loan debt defense attorney can assist you in resolving delinquencies or defaults, as well as filing a loan discharge application.
  • They can safeguard you against debt collectors and other authorities acting unfairly or aggressively.
  • They are capable of resolving credit issues.
  • A student loan debt defense attorney can represent you in court if necessary.

A student loan debt defense attorney at Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm may be able to assist you if you’re facing delinquency or bankruptcy or if you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy. Our student loan debt defense attorney can also help you with the complexities of private student loans.

Why Choose Us as Your Student Loan Relief Counsel?

You’re probably aware that some forms of debt are more difficult to eliminate or lessen than others. Student loans are sometimes lumped along with overdue taxes, child support, and alimony as debts that cannot be forgiven under any circumstances.

However, student loan debt relief is attainable. Not everyone is eligible for assistance, and the application process might be time-consuming. Our student loan debt defense attorney specializes in student loans and has the information and experience you need to improve your chances of getting out of debt.

We have a proven track record of bringing our clients’ cases to court and prevailing against various lenders, making us mainly prepared to assist you in overcoming your legal or financial issues. Call our debt defense attorney now at Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm.  

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