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A credit card company, collection agency, or debt buyer may have recently issued you with a Summons and Complaint. If so, you are not alone in dealing with them! You can go on the offensive if you choose Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm as your credit card defense. We can stop time and compel the credit card company to defend its policies and contracts. 

However, time is of the essence in many instances. You have only 30 days to engage an attorney and reply, failing which the company may garnish your wages and confiscate your bank account balances. Do not allow these credit card companies to bully you into their terms. You have rights, and we will be on your side.

Get the services of an Oregon & Washington expert credit card debt defense attorney before it is too late to do so. You can count on us to help!

Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Avoid a default judgment and stop collection efforts by taking a step forward today!

What is debt defense?

credit card debt defense attorneyDebt defense resembles other types of litigation pretty closely. It is the same fundamental procedure and strategy that attorneys employ to win cases. However, there are complexities and unique considerations that apply to cases involving debt collection. If you have retained a credit card debt defense attorney, you will have legal assistance throughout the litigation.

In contrast, many creditors prefer that their clients handle the problem independently or with a lawyer with less experience. The collecting process can be both challenging and aggravating. It is essential to understand that the creditor wants your money and will do anything to acquire it. Our law firm has assisted clients in successfully negotiating debt.

If you are represented by a credit card debt defense attorney, debt collectors are forbidden from contacting you. Therefore, if you are represented, the debt collector cannot call you, notify you of any debts, or otherwise communicate with you. They must stop calling you with collection requests.

If you have not retained an attorney, you have no legal protection and the collection agency may contact you at any time. You cannot afford to disregard the possibility of a lawsuit, and even if you are sure in your case, you must take action. The initial step is to contact a local credit card debt defense attorney.

Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Avoid a default judgment and stop collection efforts by taking a step forward today!

How Long Can a Credit Card Debt be Collected in Medford, Oregon?

The statute of limitations for debt in Oregon is six years. This means that a creditor has up to six years to initiate a debt collection litigation. The statute of limitations for medical debt, credit card debt, and auto loan debt is six years.

Many individuals erroneously believe a creditor will file suit as soon as the debtor defaults. In practice, though, some creditors wait years before launching a lawsuit. If a creditor or debt collector prevails in court, they are given a further 10 years to attempt to collect the debt.

If you owe a contractual debt in Oregon and have not repaid it, the creditor has six years before the Oregon statute of limitations expires to initiate legal action. This applies to credit card, mortgage, and medical debt. If you owe money on a vehicle loan, the creditor has only four years to file a lawsuit. No statute of limitations applies to state tax debt.

Keep in mind that the statute of limitations does not necessarily begin when you are first billed. Instead, the statute of limitations begins to run after the last payment on the debt has been made. Therefore, if you make a payment towards the obligation, even if it is a minor payment, the statute of limitations will begin to run again.

If more than six years have passed and the debt remains unpaid, the creditor is barred from filing a case against you. Nevertheless, the statute of limitations does little to safeguard your credit report. Even after the statute of limitations has expired, the unpaid obligation may remain on your credit report for several years.

Can a Debt Collector Sue Me for Nonpayment?

You may be sued for any outstanding debts incurred by the debt collecting agency. The collector must then initiate the collection process. If they are unable to collect from you, they may be able to collect from any other assets you may possess.

It is not always possible to prevent collection attempts by refusing to pay. Occasionally, the creditor is prohibited from litigating against you directly and must instead seek a judgment against your property. Typically, they will ask the court to appoint a collection attorney to pursue your assets. The court will provide the receiver with detailed instructions on how to sell or liquidate the property to meet the claim of the creditor.

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Have you been struggling to pay off your credit card debt? Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next? If so, it is important to seek professional help. A credit card debt defense attorney can help you understand your options and create a plan to get out of debt.

There are many benefits to working with a credit card debt defense attorney. They can help you negotiate with your creditors, set up a payment plan, and fight for your rights in court. They can also help you understand the Oregon laws that protect consumers from unfair debt collection practices.

If you are ready to get out of debt and take control of your finances, contact a credit card debt defense attorney in Oregon today.

Our firm handles collections lawsuits in Washington and Oregon. We can explain all of your options to get your finances under control and stop worrying about money. Together, we will review and select the option that will work best for you.

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