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What to Do if Sued by Suttell & Hammer in Oregon

Are you being sued by a debt collection law firm?

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If you are being sued by Suttell & Hammer in Oregon on a debt, you need to know you have options. Suttell & Hammer is a debt collection law firm that files thousands of collection lawsuits against Washington and Oregon consumers every year. The law firm currently consists of about ten lawyers and has an army of support staff including a crew of collection agents standing ready to take payments from you. They are extremely thorough and record all conversations with you.

Did you receive a summons or complaint from a creditor?

While Suttell & Hammer does not normally purchase debts, they do represent both creditors and debt buyers. If you live in Washington or Oregon and you receive a summons and complaint in a lawsuit filed by any of the following, your chances are pretty good that Suttell & Hammer filed the complaint.

  • Discover
  • Bank of America
  • American Express
  • A debt buyer like Midland Funding or Cache, LLC

Suttell & Hammer are based in Bellevue Washington, but file collections actions in every court in Oregon. If you have been sued or have a judgment from Suttell & Hammer, you should contact our Washington and Oregon debt defense attorneys now or call us at 866-388-5106.

Did you receive a debt collection lawsuit?

If you are served with a debt collection lawsuit from Suttell & Hammer and you do not have a reliable debt defense attorney, you will need to file a response with the court within 30 days in Oregon; or get a response filed within 24 days in Washington. Failure to do so will likely result in a default judgment, giving the firm the ability to start garnishing wages, emptying bank accounts, and placing a lien on any real estate you own.   

Please do not give up just because you have been sued by Suttell & Hammer for a debt! Even in the absence of any legitimate defenses, our debt defense lawyers have certainly had success in working out reasonable settlements with Suttell & Hammer, often enabling our clients to make reasonable monthly payments, interest-free over a long period of time at a discount. Call us at 866-388-5106 if you need legal advice!

Sued by Suttell & Hammer? Here’s What to Do 

Suttell & Hammer’s clients have significant resources at their disposal to file debt collection lawsuits in Oregon. You may, however, have significant defenses to use against them.    

If you are being sued by Suttell & Hammer in Oregon, then your best course of action is to retain local counsel.  The lawsuit is not going to go away if you don’t take action. Don’t waste any more time, call us today at 866-388-5106! 

Should I hire a debt relief attorney?

Hiring an experienced debt relief attorney will keep you from getting garnished or having your bank accounts repeatedly emptied. More importantly, it will likely keep them from making you immediately liable for the full amount that they sued you for. 

Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm offers a completely free debt collection consultation to go over your lawsuit and discuss your debt relief options. 

While most consumers want us to take care of the summons and complaints that Suttell & Hammer left on the doorstep, the fact is that responding to the lawsuit may, under certain circumstances, not even be worthwhile. Some Washington and Oregon consumers may not own any assets that can be seized. 

Others may be judgment proof either through making less than the amount that would leave them open to garnishment or they live on funds that cannot legally be garnished such as social security. Other Washington or Oregon consumers have multiple lawsuits and could do better by simply filing bankruptcy. 

Give us a call today at  866-388-5106 to quickly figure out what to do with the lawsuit that Suttell & Hammer have brought to your doorstep.

Why work with our Oregon debt defense lawyers?

At Northwest Debt Relief, we want to make you aware of all your options when threatened with a Suttell &Hammer lawsuit over your debt. Our debt collection lawsuit attorneys are here to defend your rights! We offer our services if you have been sued in Oregon over the following debt types and more:

  • Credit card
  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Medical debt

Catch the debt collector off-guard! Debt collection agencies, major corporations, and corporate law firms working for creditors try to bully people into paying their debts outright, so they rarely expect anyone to push back with the help of a defense attorney. More than anything, you can get some peace of mind and get back to living your life.

Never Ever Ignore a Suttell Lawsuit Notice

If you are confident that you don’t owe anyone any debt, then you might think it is safe to just throw away a lawsuit notice about your supposed debt. Do not make this mistake! If you ignore correspondence from a debt collection agency or representing a law firm about your debt, then they can ask the court to file a default judgment against you. 

In other words, you automatically lose the case simply because you never responded to their notices. A default judgment may:

  • Force you to repay the debt as much as you can
  • Garnish your wages until the debt is repaid
  • Place a lien on your home or other valuable property
  • Take funds directly out of your bank accounts

Your best – and essentially your only – option is to stand up for yourself and challenge the lawsuit head-on. You do not have to go it alone, though. Call 866-388-5106 or contact Northwest Debt Relief online. Our debt collection lawsuit defense lawyers are standing by to help you throughout Oregon and Washington.

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