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If you’re drowning in debt, you might be able to work with your creditors—and even debt collectors—to reduce your obligations. This method, which is also known as “debt negotiation” or “debt settlement,” involves persuading a creditor to accept a smaller payment in exchange for an upfront lump sum. Alternately, you might be able to agree to temporary or permanent lower payments. Determine your objectives and select a few bargaining methods before you speak with the creditor or collector.

Even if you don’t owe the debt, you should answer as quickly as you can to a notice from a debt collector because otherwise, the collector might keep trying to collect the debt, send bad information to credit reporting agencies, or even sue you. To be able to defend oneself in court, be careful to react by the deadline specified in the court documents. You might want to speak with our reputable debt defense lawyer if you are being sued.

At Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm, we have many years of experience helping clients who have gone through or are currently going through debt buying and debt collecting. You can lessen your load with our capable debt defense attorneys in Oregon and Washington so you can concentrate on regaining your financial freedom. Get in touch with our law office right away!

Debt Collector

Lawyers or collection organizations that collect debts as part of their practice are examples of debt collectors. A debt collector is generally defined as a person or a business that consistently collects debts owing to others, typically when those payments are past-due, under the federal law, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Additionally, some businesses purchase past-due debts from creditors or other businesses with the intention of collecting them. These companies are also known as debt buyer, debt agency, or debt collection agency.

For a piece of effective legal advice when against debt collectors, seek help from our Oregon and Washington debt defense lawyers.

What is the debt collector required to tell you about the debt?

What is the debt collector required to tell you about the debtAny debt collector who calls you and claims you owe money must legally provide you with specific details about the debt. These particulars are:

  • What the creditor’s name is
  • The amount owing.
  • That you may dispute the debt
  • That the creditor or debt collector will think the debt is valid if you don’t dispute it within 30 days.
  • That the debt collector would produce verification of the debt if you challenge it through writing within 30 days.
  • That the debt collector will give you the name and address of the original creditor (if it’s different from the current creditor) if you ask for it within 30 days.

If a debt collector doesn’t give you the aforementioned information when they first get in touch with you, they must deliver a notice to you in writing including that information within five days of that initial contact. In addition, if you think the information a debt collector gave you is incorrect, it is advisable that you should create a written dispute of the debt in within 30 days.

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Why am I receiving calls from debt collectors?

You might be contacted by a debt collector for the following reasons:

  • A creditor thinks you owe a debt and are past due. Your debt may be sold or sent to an outside debt collector by your debt collector or they may use their own in-house debt collectors.
  • If the debt collector doesn’t disclose that they are trying to collect a debt, they can potentially be contacting you to find someone you know. After purchasing the debt, a debt buyer is now either collecting it themselves or hiring debt collectors.

Speak to our knowledgeable Oregon and Washington debt defense attorney if the debt collector calls you for payments on a debt and you have questions about the debt, the amount they’re collecting, or the company contacting you. Consider putting together a plan with our legal team before dealing with a debt collector. To settle the debt, you could agree on a payment schedule or engage in negotiations.

Debt Collector attempting to contact your Employer or Other Individuals

Your Employer

Your employer may be contacted by debt collectors, but only:

  • Your employment will be verified.
  • To determine your location.
  • To garnish your wages, which entails deducting money from your salary, but only after it filed a lawsuit against you and succeeded.
  • To determine whether you have health insurance if the debt is for medical expenses; or
  • You or your lawyer gave written consent for the debt collector to get in touch with your employer.

A debt collector may contact your employer once for employment validation purposes. A phone call to your workplace may also be made by medical professionals and their representatives to inquire about your health insurance. Otherwise, the creditor must provide a written notice to your employer. The collector may call or otherwise get in touch with your employer if it doesn’t receive a response from its contact in writing within 15 days.

Other Individuals

In general, a debt collector is prohibited from speaking to your family members, neighbors, or anybody else regarding your debt unless:

  • The creditor is doing this to know where you are.
  • The debt collector is permitted to do so by a court.
  • If contacting other people to enforce the judgment is reasonably necessary after the creditor sued, you and a court found it in their favor.
  • You or your lawyer gave written consent for the debt collector to get in touch with other people.

Get in touch with our skilled Oregon and Washington debt defense attorney at Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm to learn more regarding this matter.

Putting an end to debt collection calls

You have the authority to request that a debt collector stop contacting you. Write a letter to the debt collector then send it and print a copy of it if you want to stop communication.

After receiving your letter, a debt collector is prohibited from contacting you again except:

  • To let you know there won’t be any more contact.
  • To let you know that they or the debt collector may pursue additional legal measures against you, such as filing a lawsuit.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) may be broken if the collector calls after receiving the written letter. Additionally, it is illegal for a creditor to approach you with unfair, dishonest, or abusive methods of debt collection.

Our dependable debt defense lawyer in Oregon and Washington can help you to stop the unending series of harassment calls from your debt collector. Reach out to us right away!

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