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Facing A Debt Lawsuit? Here’s What You Should Do

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While there are probably a good hundred or so collections firms filing lawsuits in both Oregon and Washington, chances are that if you have recently been served with a lawsuit, it was probably filed by one of the firms below.


Suttell & Hammer Debt Lawsuits

Suttell & Hammer is a debt collection law firm that files hundreds of collection lawsuits against Oregon and Washington consumers. The law firm currently consists of about ten lawyers and has an army of support staff including a crew of collection agents standing ready to take payments from you.  They are thorough and record and document all conversations.

While Suttell & Hammer does not normally purchase debts, they do represent both creditors and debt buyers. If you live in Oregon or Washington and you receive a Complaint in a lawsuit filed by Discover, Bank of America, or American Express or from a debt buyer like buyers such as Midland Funding or Cache, LLC, chances are pretty good that Suttel & Hammer filed the complaint. They are based in Bellevue Washington, but file collections actions in every court in Oregon and Washington. If you have been sued or have a judgment from Suttell & Hammer contact us now.


Johnson Mark Lawsuits

Johnson Mark is a debt collection law firm based in Utah that files hundreds of debt collections lawsuits in Oregon and Washington every year. They file cases in every county. They represent major banks, medical providers, and debt buyers. 

The law firm utilizes asset finding and skip-tracing, and judgment enforcing, with broad collection campaigns and portfolio strategies. Lawsuits filed by Johnson Mark should be taken very seriously by Oregon and Washington consumers. The Johnson Mark firm is extremely diligent about filing for defaults and following through on the collections process after it obtains a judgment. 


DeBlasio Lawsuits

Harrington Anderson & DeBlasio is a collections law firm located in NE Portland suing Oregon debtors on behalf of credit unions, finance companies, banks, hospitals, apartment complexes, insurance companies, and apartment management companies. 

The DeBlasio firm focuses its practice on collections law. They are extremely aggressive in pursuing debtors, moving swiftly to default judgments and converting those judgments to garnishments and bank levies. Oregon consumers should take a Deblasio complaint very seriously.

If you have already received the paperwork from one of the above firms, we know that you’re probably already experiencing a fair amount of anxiety and stress right now. Maybe you’re a little embarrassed that you found yourself in this situation. But I want you to know that you are not alone. We have helped thousands of Oregon and Washington residents in your situation, and we can help you. Call our Washington and Oregon debt collection attorneys today to discuss your options.



The debt collection firm that sued you will likely obtain a default judgment against you. If this happens, it may garnish your wages, empty your bank accounts and, if you own any real estate, attach a judgment lien to the property.  

The worst thing you can do is nothing and yet that’s what most people do.  They don’t respond to the lawsuit and then a default judgment is filed against them. That gives the company that sued you the POWER to seize your bank accounts and garnish income. 

This isn’t going to magically go away.  The time to act is now. Not a week from now while you “think about it.” Checking out your bank balance only to find out that it has been emptied without any warning feels horrible. So does having paperwork sent to your work instructing your boss to start garnishing your wages. Call our Washington and Oregon debt defense lawyers at 866-388-5106 to learn more!

Imagine losing twenty-five percent of each paycheck until your debt, legal fees, and costs are paid off with interest. You’ll have trouble paying the car payment, food, water bill…all the things you take for granted today. It doesn’t make you a real hero to your employer either. The longer you wait, the worst it can get. 



You DO have options! Because our firm handles collections lawsuits, I can explain all of your options to get your finances under control and stop worrying about money. Together, you and I will review and select the option that will work best for you. Call our Washington and Oregon debt defense attorneys at 866-388-5106 today to start exploring your options!

Some of our clients just want the lawsuit to go away, a reduced amount to pay back, and a reasonable payment plan. We can help. Others have legitimate debt defenses that they need to be raised or they need to dispute the legitimacy of the debt itself. We can help.   

You are not helpless. You have not failed. You may not be responsible for the situation you are in right now. But you ARE responsible for doing something about it. I’ll show you what to do and help you fix this mess! I’ll help you get your life back!

You need to know ALL your options before making ANY final decision. I will explain ALL the options to you and compare the pros and cons of each, to get the right answer for you.  

Call me at 866-388-5106 for a free phone appointment.  I’ll explain ALL of your options; then (and only then) will you be able to make the RIGHT choice. When we end this debt collection lawsuityou will have your life back! The call is free, but the peace of mind you’ll have afterward is priceless. One call really CAN change it all!


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