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Medical Debt Defense Attorney in Portland, Oregon

If you are facing overwhelming medical debt and it seems like there is no way out, then you may want to speak to a medical debt defense attorney in Portland about your options. Medical debt is the most common reason people file for bankruptcy, and the attorneys at Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm can help you file for bankruptcy and wipe out medical debt.

Tens of millions of Americans, including those who have health insurance, are unable to pay for a medical emergency, regardless of their financial situation. Every year, medical bills that are unanticipated or uninsured push many families into financial ruin.

Your creditors may be pursuing you aggressively for payment if you are in debt as a result of medical expenditures you have incurred. It is possible that you’re receiving a lot of phone calls and letters, which can be stressful for you and your family. You might think that declaring bankruptcy is the best course of action in your situation. Get in touch with our medical debt defense attorney at Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm. Let’s analyze your debt today!

Why Do I Need a Medical Debt Defense Attorney in Portland, Oregon?

Medical debt defense attorney When your life is in danger or when emergency medical treatment is required for someone you care about, getting help is the most important thing to do. The medical expenses do not begin to arrive until much later after the situation has been settled.

It is possible that even if you have health insurance, you will be surprised by how little it truly covers. Furthermore, if you do not have insurance, the situation will deteriorate. Medical debt can have a profound impact on one’s life. Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm works with clients in Portland who are dealing with medical debt that is often overwhelming.

Due to the fact that medical costs are often dischargeable in bankruptcy, we may also be able to assist you in navigating the bankruptcy process, discharging debts through either Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, depending on your circumstances.

Clearing Medical Debt with Chapter 13

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, medical bills are paid at the bottom of the payment hierarchy, just as they are in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The majority of your plan payment will likely go toward past-due mortgage and auto loan arrears, child support and tax liabilities. Your unsecured creditors, such as medical providers, will receive a proportional share of the remaining funds.

The idiom “Paying cents on the dollar in Chapter 13 bankruptcy” refers to the small amount paid to unsecured creditors. Keep in mind that debtors with substantial income or assets may be required to repay 100 percent of their debt. 

When you receive the discharge order, any remaining medical bill amount will be canceled. 

Clearing Your Medical Debt with Chapter 7

Using Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you can gain a fresh start free of most debt in a short and efficient period—often about 90 days. 

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the vast majority of individuals can keep all or the majority of their possessions. It is available if your income is low enough to satisfy a means test. Passing demonstrates to the court that you do not have sufficient spare income to pay your obligations after covering your necessary living expenditures. Additionally, your property can only be auctioned to pay your creditors if it is not exempt or protected from their claims. If you require assistance to tackle Chapter 7 bankruptcy, our medical debt attorney in Portland, Oregon can help.

Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Avoid a default judgment and stop collection efforts by taking a step forward today!

What Other Options Do I Have to Clear My Medical Debts?

There are several non-bankruptcy options for people with medical debt, including hardship programs and payment plans. These options can be found by contacting the original creditor.

Discuss a Settlement With the Medical Provider

To start, make sure you’ve fixed all insurance payment difficulties. After obtaining all available insurance coverage, you should explore negotiating a settlement with the creditor. If the bill was for medical expenses that were not covered by insurance, the medical practitioner may waive a portion of the bill. Numerous hospitals and other medical providers often waive or reduce uninsured patients’ costs.

Inquire About Aid Programs

Depending on your income, the majority of hospitals provide assistance programs that, if you qualify, will provide you with free or discounted hospital care. In some states, for example, the Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) covers the cost of medically essential care. In addition, hospitals that are free from federal taxes may have to be more accommodating to you and other cash-strapped patients when it comes to medical billing. This may pertain to you. Contact the financial aid counselor at your hospital for more information and to apply for relevant coverage.

Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Avoid a default judgment and stop collection efforts by taking a step forward today!

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You DO have options! Because our firm handles collections lawsuits in Washington and Oregon, Northwest Debt Defense Law Firm can explain all of your options to get your finances under control and stop worrying about money. Together, you and our medical debt defense attorneys will review and select the option that will work best for you.

Don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Avoid a default judgment and stop collection efforts by taking a step forward today! You need to know all your options before making any final decision. Our Oregon medical debt defense attorneys in Portland are standing by to help you get out of your debt, and fight collection lawsuits, wherever you are in Washington or Oregon. Let’s talk about your debt today!

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