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It can be very disturbing to be sued by a debt buyer. After all, chances are you have probably never heard of any of the companies below before receiving a lawsuit, naming one of them as the plaintiff attempting to collect from you. These lawsuits should be taken very seriously. Without further ado, below are five of the big debt buyers in the Pacific Northwest.


Debt Buyer #1: Asset Acceptance

Asset Acceptance is a massive consumer debt buyer whose main office is located in Michigan but files thousands of cases against Washington and Oregon consumers. The company literally purchases a billion dollars of consumer debt every year and attempts to collect on it. They are often successful.  The company’s collection and garnishment efforts yielded nearly half a million in revenue every year. 

Asset Acceptance has a reputation for being extremely aggressive in its collections efforts and retains local firms in both Oregon and Washington. Unrepresented clients can expect very little in the way of cooperation from this company. 

If you have been sued by Asset Acceptance in an Oregon Circuit Court or a Washington Superior or District Court, contact us immediately to explore your options. 


Debt Buyer #2: Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

Cavalry Portfolio Services is a limited liability company created in Delaware,  registered in both Oregon and Washington as a foreign limited liability company. It is the litigation arm of Cavalry Investments, LLC, which is a huge national “bad debt” buyer whose corporate office is in Hawthorne, New York.

Cavalry’s clients are usually large banks such as Chase and Bank of America.  In essence, the agency purchases and collects on payday loans, auto loan deficiencies, and old phone bills.  Of course, Cavalry buys these debts from the original creditors for pennies to dimes on the dollar but attempt to collect on the full total. 

If you get a lawsuit in Oregon or Washington and Cavalry is the plaintiff, please do not ignore it. Cavalry’s end game is to collect. The judgment it obtains against you will likely be quickly converted into a garnishment order enabling it to empty your bank accounts and garnish your paycheck. 


Debt Buyer #3: Midland Funding LLC

Midland Funding LLC is the largest debt buyer in the United States and it is plenty active in both Oregon and Washington. It is based in San Diego. It contracts out its collections lawsuits to Oregon and Washington law firms. 

Midland is a subsidiary of a massive corporation,  Encore Capital Group, which is a publicly-traded corporation with annual revenue in excess of a billion dollars a year. Midland is actually a “shell”, which is used to house delinquent debts that have been purchased from banks and other lenders.     

Midland Funding contracts out with multiple collection law firms in Oregon and Washington to file collections lawsuits.  

If you have been sued in a collections lawsuit by Midland Funding, your likely first reaction was that you haven’t heard of Midland, let alone owed them any money. Of course that isn’t going to stop them from getting a judgment against you. If you have been sued by Midland, call us immediately.


Debt Buyer #4: LVNV Funding

LVNV Funding, LLC is a subsidiary of Sherman Acquisition and a buyer of charged off debt.  LVNV Funding LLC files hundreds of collection lawsuits every year against Oregon and Washington consumers. LVNV does not handle these cases in-house and will hire a local collection attorney to prosecute the actual collections lawsuit.

As a debt buyer, LVNV will rely on witness testimony in the form of a business record affidavit, rather than in-person testimony, when trying to prove its case against you.   

As you might imagine, LVNV Funding, LLC is extremely proactive in garnishing consumer’s wages and bank accounts once a judgment has been entered.

LVNV Funding, LLC has been investigated by the FTC for both its collection and debt buying practices. It was once forced to dismiss 3,600 consumer lawsuits and pay millions of dollars to consumers. 

If you have been sued by LVNV in an Oregon or Washington court, time is of the essence. Once judgment is entered, the time for arguing about the legitimacy of the debt will have passed. LVNV buys debts in bulk. It is entirely possible that the debt that they are suing on is barred by the statute of limitations or that LVNV lacks the proper paperwork to document its claim. Do not let them get a default judgment, contact us today.


Debt Buyer #5: Jefferson Capital Systems

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC is a second-tier debt buyer. They don’t buy Oregon and Washington consumer debts directly from the original creditor, rather they buy consumer debts from other debt buyers. Needless to say, the fact that their claims are at least twice removed from the original creditor means that they are going to have a much more difficult time showing that they legitimately own the original debt. 

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC was created in Georgia, but is now based in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The company is actually a division of CL Holdings, LLC.

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC utilizes several different Oregon and Washington law firms to sue consumers.


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Do not ignore any lawsuit brought against you by a debt buyer. You may have absolute or partial defenses to their lawsuit that will enable you to completely defeat their lawsuit or, at a minimum, put you in a better position to settle the claim. Contact us immediately if you have been sued for debts so that we can help.




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